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Bride-to-Be  Transformation

Dear Beautiful Bride,

your wedding day should be nothing short of amazing. On your wedding day you should not only look amazing but feel amazing too. If you answered yes to any of the surrounding questions than this is the program for you. With this amazing and profound  next chapter in your life that is going to take place it is the prime time to make some lifelong lifestyle changes regarding your health.  I know that preparing for your wedding can be hectic but with this program I will work alongside you the whole way through your fitness journey. I will guide you in the right direction and equip you with knowledge to not only get the results you are looking for but also maintain those results. Let's go into this new chapter of your life with a fresh mindset and best version of yourself; YOU DESERVE IT!

How I Help You

Brides have so much to worry about as it is and it can become overwhelming. Here is where I come into play. I don't want  you to have to worry about what to do at the gym to get in shape or what to eat, I will do that all for you , all you have to do is show up , push through, and complete your workouts. My goal is to make this fitness journey process  stress-free, exciting, and one to remember. 

Ready, Set, Glo!

Lets transform your body to the best version of you so that you can walk down that isle confident and proud and ready to take on this next chapter.

Plan Includes:

  • 6 Month Program Duration

  • Free Consultation

  • Bi-weekly measurements & Weekly progress tracking

  • 4 free bootcamps (in-state Clients ONLY) 

  • 20% off Deja Lanee Artisty

  • 18 1|1 Private Sessions Or  Monthly Based Online Coaching

  • Bi- Weekly personalized workouts designed specifically for you

  • Easy-to-follow Monthly Workout Calendars

Getting married and nervous about not fitting into the dress of your dreams?

Ready to embark on a fitness journey to become the best version of yourself for your special day?

Want to transform your body in time for your special day but don't know where to start?

"Look your best, feel your best, and fit into that dress"

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