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“Healthier life, healthier mental, a healthier you living your best life”

What exactly does D.R.i.P stand for: 


Dedication- "Good things take time" hence why dedication is my number one. Not only must you desire to dedicate fully to the program but also be dedicated to yourself; dedicated to  being the best version of you. Ask yourself how bad do you want to accomplish your goals.

Responsibility- you must take responsibility for not only your actions but your lifestyle choices as well; no one can do it for you but you.

Initiate- you need to initiate; take that first step. This step may seem minute but this step is truly the biggest.

Push- you need to push yourself, test your limits, and keep going.  When you think you CAN’T tell yourself I CAN and I WILL!


D.R.i.P’s Mission:

 One of the main goals of D.R.i.P Fitness is to ultimately make these new healthy changes into a lifestyle change. “Diets” tend to fade out and are momentary fixes while lifestyle changes are for a lifetime and offer more benefits all around for a healthier “YOU” which is something we strive for. Many diets don’t work for everyone; likewise some workouts may not work for everyone as well hence why making a lifestyle change is important because it is in place for “YOU” individually.  There are a copious amount of reasons why people fall short of reaching their fitness goals and I personally, could name a bunch just for myself. Therefore, D.R.i.P‘s goal is to analyze those reasons, address and confront those reasons, and then finally break down those walls to further pursue each individualized goal. As a result, D.R.i.P will not only help aide the client in reaching their goals but also maintaining them. D.R.i.P Fitness will supply the client with knowledge and exercises that they will be able to utilize for life. Being that D.R.i.P Fitness’s goal is to help the client achieve becoming a healthier being it is not solely geared toward exercise; though that is a major key. D.R.i.P is also in place to inform and enlighten the client on healthier food choices and combinations as well. Furthermore, D.R.i.P Fitness strives to provide the client with exercise regimes that are not only challenging but also comfortable for each individual. Overall, D.R.i.P stresses the importance of healthy lifestyle changes and also the motive of reaching ones goals for themselves personally. Sometimes we as humans get preoccupied and forget about ourselves but remembering that you are a priority is extremely important; “Do this for you and everything else will fall into place.”

Why D.R.i.P Fitness?

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