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Meet R.Kaay

"Time to Grow"

My name is Renee Konoski and I'm a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and the founder of D.R.i.P Fitness. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed exercising and learning more about health. I can honestly say that I have done just about every diet from HCG crash dieting to semi-lifestyle changes. As a result, I have been able to depict which one works the best which is wholeheartedly making it into lifestyle hands- down. The word “diet” to me always added stress on me to feel like I needed to do this or that, and that in itself made it an “unhealthy” choice. Just like many others I know when on a “diet” I would be so restricted that when it ended I would indulge in food which in return added to weight gain all over again if not more. On the other hand, if I stuck to a diet and got to a place where I felt comfortable with my body I would just get lazy and go back to old habits which in return lead to weight gain as well. Both of those situations became a  lose- lose for me.

 After engaging in numerous diets I got to a point in my life where I reached the realization that  I know what happens when I do my diets and quit but I have never experienced what happens when I don’t quit and keep going; and this is the journey that I am currently embarking on.  This healthy life-style journey is not only rewarding in so many ways but also beneficial. It has not only allowed me learn more  about my body but has allowed me to grow as a person and really become one with my body as I am able to witness first-hand the changes that have been taking place. In witnessing how great and beneficial incorporating these healthy choices into my life benefited me I couldn’t help but feel the need to do for others. I honestly feel it is my calling to give back and share with others hence how D.R.i.P Fitness came about.

My Vision

To aide as many people in accomplishing their fitness goals and then transforming these new changes of growth into lifestyle changes. When transformations such as these happen individuals have the opportunity to witness continuous growth. More so, they can feel more positive and more confident without the barrier of the possibility of relapsing and this in itself is life changing.

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