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Come Join the Squad!

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"Private 1:1 Training"

I started my journey not just at my heaviest but with a knee injury. I was lost what to do but knew a change needed to be made. Renee was so patient, attentive, organized, and determine to get me fit and knee back to health. 10 weeks later I have gained not only strength back in my knee but more confidence I have ever had! All thanks to Renee having faith in me and pushing me everyday! Since the first consult, Renee had the perfect balance of professionalism and realism. I felt instantly comfortable.  She pushed me when needed and was there for every step in my journey. When she says your journey becomes hers, she truly means it and reflects it. Having her as my trainer made me committed to the process and making it a lifestyle not as a temporary change. I highly recommend Drip Fitness, Renee will meet you half way.  A true Queen and Game Changer. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer! 

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I've been working with Renee and D.R.i.P Fitness Boot camp for about 3 months and that could have been one of the best things I could have done for myself. I spent the last few years of my life struggling with personal issues including my weight and it was beginning to take a toll on me. So when she mentioned she was starting her Drip Fitness Journey, I decided I needed to start mine. I started the boot camp not knowing what to expect, but I absolutely love working with her. The Boot camps are total body which I loved. Every boot camp is different, down to workout games which I've never done, and as hard as it was for me I enjoyed it. Up to date I've lost about 10lbs, with a whole lot of muscle gain. My clothes, my pictures and down to my breathing have changed. And I honestly couldn't be happier. She targeted all the areas that I needed to work on, down to giving me meal prep ideas. She is definitely the total package and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a life changing experience. I couldn't be where I am today without D.R.i.P Fitness. She has a client for life!!!!!!!!



"Private 1:1 Training"

D.R.i.P  Fitness has saved my life and gave me reassurance that I too can be fit and healthy and have fun living a healthy lifestyle. Though I don’t really eat terrible and was raised to have balanced meals the fitness component has always been a struggle, especially as I get older and try to conquer this thing called "Adulting". 
 But Renee is truly heaven sent! She is so real and motivational. Her spirit, understanding, and patience makes me believe that I can do anything! As I started  seeing results after a few weeks I was reassured that I really can do this. The great energy mixed with the techniques helped me battle stressed probed illnesses, both mental and physical. It was the love and support of Renee that pushed me to go to the gym every morning, run a 5k, and look slim and trim for my 30th birthday !!!! I recommend D.R.i.P to everyone I know including you reading this right now because it works! So if you’re tired of how your feeling and want a better lifestyle, I would say, go hit up Renee and get that DRIP! 

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"Mommy Revamp" Program

 Being a new mommy is an adjustment. You go through a lot of changes physically mentally and emotionally. I decided to take charge of my physical changes and I joined with other moms in the “Mommy Revamp” Program. I absolutely loved this program. At the beginning it was a little challenging but I maintained to push through it. The workout is about 27 min so I would do it while my baby was taking a nap. At times I felt discouraged but with the help of my fitness coach Renee I was able to overcome it. Thank you so much Renee for not making me feel alone in this transition.

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