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D.R.i.P Fitness; where Bootcamps, Workout Guides, Personal Training , Virtual Training, and Fitness Apparel Come  Together for YOU, to  inspire YOU to tap into your power of becoming the best version of  YOU!

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Hi, I’m Renee a.k.a R.Kaay

Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Specialist

My name is Renee Konoski. I'm a ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a  Certified Nutrition Specialist,and  the founder of D.R.i.P Fitness. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed exercising and have been intrigued by  health  which in return became a driving factor for me to learn more about each.

D.R.i.P's Deal

“Healthier life, healthier mental, a healthier you living your best life”

What exactly does D.R.i.P stand for:


Dedication- "Good things take time" hence why dedication is my number one. Not only must you desire to dedicate fully to the program but also be dedicated to yourself; dedicated to  being the best version of you. Ask yourself how bad do you want to accomplish your goals.

Responsibility- you must take responsibility for not only your actions but your lifestyle choices as well; no one can do it for you but you.

Initiate- you need to initiate; take that first step. This step may seem minute but this step is truly the biggest.

Push- you need to push yourself, test your limits, and keep going.  When you think you CAN’T tell yourself I CAN and I WILL!



D.R.i.P Services

Whats Best for you?

1. Online Coaching


5. Catch30


10. Weekly LIVE Virtual Classes

2. Workout Guides

6. Nutritional Guidance

8. D.R.i.P Kidz

3.  1|1 Sessions

7. Bootcamps

9. Mommy Revamp

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